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Cutting-Edge Marketing Solutions

I strongly believe in the power of marketing in real estate. That's why I am committed to using the best marketing technology and trusted vendors. I carefully select and evaluate all marketing materials and vendors to ensure that you receive exceptional service under the Jenschke brand. With a wide range of custom products and services, including graphic design, digital marketing, and personalized events, I provide cutting-edge technology and innovative marketing strategies to give you the competitive edge needed to sell your home successfully.



High-quality photography that showcases the unique features of your property and captures its essence, elevating your real estate marketing efforts.



Engaging videography that brings your property to life, telling a compelling story and captivating potential buyers with stunning visuals and immersive experiences.


3-D Virtual Tours:

Step into your dream home from anywhere with our immersive 3D virtual tours, allowing potential buyers to explore every corner and detail of the property in a realistic and interactive way.


Print Marketing:

Leave a lasting impression with our carefully crafted print marketing materials, showcasing your property's unique features and capturing the attention of potential buyers.


Direct Email:

Engage your audience directly with impactful email marketing campaigns. Our targeted approach delivers compelling content to drive interest in your real estate offerings.


Digital Marketing:

Boost your real estate presence with digital marketing strategies that expand your reach and generate leads through online platforms and targeted advertising.


Property Websites:

Maximize your property's exposure with strategic marketing campaigns tailored for property websites, driving traffic and attracting potential buyers to your listings.


AD Campaigns:

Reach your target audience effectively with compelling digital ad campaigns that generate high-quality leads and maximize your property's visibility across online platforms.


Local Relationships:

Establish a strong local presence and connect with potential buyers through targeted marketing strategies that highlight the unique features and benefits of your property.


Global Presence:

Maximize your property's exposure and appeal to buyers worldwide through our global presence and targeted marketing strategies.

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